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What is Spirituality ?

Updated: May 3, 2021

Spirituality is known as the process of making your mind free from fears, worries, and non stop thinking experiencing inner peace and bliss in one's everyday life. Its about making peace with the universe, its about accepting the facts as they are, and trying to live in harmony. Spirituality is training yourself being less reactive to the events happening in your life by freeing yourself from the monkey mind. Some of the most spiritual practices involve meditation, yoga, self-inquiry, as well as psychadelics and deep breathing. Spirituality is the process of awakening from ordinary conciousness, rising above the ego and awakening to a wider conciousness. It can mean expanding the mind beyond its limitations thoughts and limited viewpoints about life and the universe. Besides that spirituality is often associated with metaphysics. Metaphysics, and Philosophy are good synonyms of Spirituality since they ask question such as: what is ego, what is thought, what is reality, what is my purpose, where did the universe come from? Real spirituality is about questioning and exploring the deepest truths of the universe with the ultimate purpose of aligning yourself with the divine, making yourself free from fears, worries, and living in the present moment.

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